About us

Welcome to GinkelSoft, your partner for software development.

GinkelSoft, originally started as Blend:brand in 2016, has evolved into a company with a solid customer base in various sectors. After changes in management, Wietse van Ginkel, with 23 years of experience in the field, took over the company in 2023 and continued under the name GinkelSoft.

The Driving Force Behind GinkelSoft

Wietse van Ginkel is the driving force behind the enterprise. His experience forms the foundation of our activities and approach in software development.

Our team

At GinkelSoft, we collaborate with a group of independent professionals:

Front-End Developers: Responsible for developing user-friendly interfaces.

Back-End Developers: Build reliable systems that support our software.

Designers: Take care of the visual aspect of our projects. This structure provides a flexible and personal approach to each project.

Our mission

GinkelSoft aims to provide software solutions that meet the needs of our customers, utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies.

Why GinkelSoft?

Experience: Wietse’s years of experience and the knowledge of our team.

Personal Approach: We give each project the attention it deserves.
Flexibility: Our model allows us to respond quickly to the needs of projects.
Quality: We focus on delivering quality work. Are you interested in our services or would you like to know more?

Contact us. We are excited to collaborate and provide solutions that meet your needs.

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