GinkelSoft and In a Box Solutions Launch Healthcare Platform: Innovation in Healthcare Data Management


In the field of healthcare technology, GinkelSoft and In a Box Solutions have joined forces to introduce a healthcare platform, an advanced product that enables healthcare companies to register client data and attendance in compliance with GDPR regulations.

GDPR Compliance and Management Capabilities

The healthcare platform ensures secure handling of sensitive information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and provides healthcare institutions with the assurance that client data is secure. With features for managing workdays and locations, customizing the operational aspects of healthcare delivery has never been easier.

Employee and Work Management

The system includes comprehensive employee management, with each employee having their own login. This makes time tracking and availability monitoring transparent and straightforward, reducing administrative burdens for both employees and management.

Client Data Registration and Management

Key features include capturing essential client data such as contact and residence information, providing clear overviews, and easy editing capabilities. Users can export critical data and generate reports to simplify management and reporting.

Attendance Registration

A crucial component of the healthcare platform is client attendance registration, which allows for detailed tracking of client presence. This supports healthcare provision by providing a clear and editable overview of client attendance.

Customization and Branding

A notable feature of the healthcare platform is the ability for healthcare institutions to fully customize the software to their own branding. This means that every healthcare provider can personalize the interface of the healthcare platform to seamlessly align with their organization’s visual identity, ensuring a consistent user experience for both employees and clients.

New Development: Declaration Tool

To further expand their services, the GinkelSoft and In a Box Solutions team is excited to announce that they will be working on a new declaration tool in the first quarter of 2024. This tool will enable healthcare institutions to automate and streamline claims to insurers. According to the plan, the initial version of this tool will be available to healthcare providers in the second quarter of 2024.

Future Outlook

With the introduction of the healthcare platform and the upcoming declaration tool, GinkelSoft and In a Box Solutions are setting a new industry standard for data management and financial transactions in healthcare. This product is sure to make a valuable contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare institutions worldwide.


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